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Welcome to Huffman Family Eye Care

We are a private optometry practice located in the Dallas-Acworth area of Georgia. We serve our patient’s eye care needs with regular eye exams as well as medical eye exams. We can aid you in dealing with your vision or medical insurance to make sure you are approved for services and that you understand what these service offer. We will also help you with glasses, the fitting and education of all new technologies when it comes to picking out the type of lens design to put in your frames. We also can handle fitting you with contacts if are looking to get rid of glasses and aren’t quite ready for LASIK, and we can help you prepare for that as well if you are thinking about surgical options for vision correction. If you glance through our website we can explain more about what else we have to offer for you as well as pictures of our office and our well educated staff.

What makes us different

We really like to help you in learning more about the eye and the technologies involved with glasses and lenses and what makes them different from each other. Most people don’t realize that there are about 400 different types of progressive bifocals. Most places only offer a few. We would like to explain to you what makes them different and which one would be most appropriate for you. Dr. Huffman also likes to explain the eye and why he thinks is one of the most amazing organs in our body. But if you didn’t find biology all that entertaining in school, you can just choose to get the basics from him.


Huffman Family Eye Care

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